Sasquatch Fuel Beef Stroganoff

  • $12.00

Beef Stroganoff with a light cream and mushroom sauce. Instead of freeze-dried tasteless meat, you get a packet of beef jerky that softens and tastes better than freeze-dried meats.

  • Serves 1 backpacker by itself or 2 kids if you add in a dessert.
  • 399 Cal per serving 1 serving per bag 2.2g fat, 89g carbs, 19g protein.
  • 4.35oz total weight
  • 91 Cal per oz of weight carried
  • Packaging is burnable and Omnigradable (bacteria eat it)
  • Great after a hard day on the trail or for a no cleanup dinner anywhere.
  • Family owned and operated in Bozeman MT Andrew Schroeder.

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