Trailtopia GF Ramen Noodles Curry flavored

  • $5.99

Gluten-Free Traditional Thai Curry noodles with Red and Green peppers, Onion and a slightly spicy Curry Sauce. Made with organic brown rice noodles. These are not the cheap grocery store Ramen, these are made with premium noodles, veggies, and flavoring. Makes a hearty and warm lunch or a light dinner.

Traditional Thai curry noodles with red and green peppers, onion and a (not too) spicy curry sauce. Not your average grocery store Ramen! These single-serving bowls are made with premium organic brown rice noodles, veggies and flavoring perfect for a hearty lunch or a light dinner. 

  • Organic Brown Rice Noodles
  • Red & Green Bell Pepper
  • Thai Curry Sauce
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Single serving

Pro Tip: Add half a Side Pack of Diced Chicken for extra protein and calories


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